Ladbrokes' interactive guide to the 2020 US Presidential Election

Richard Marsh | 28.10.20


The 2020 US Election will take place on Tuesday 3rd November, 2020. Incumbent Republican Donald Trump is up against Democrat nominee Joe Biden, the former Vice-President to Barack Obama. If Trump is elected again, he’ll become the fourth US President in a row to hold successive terms in the Oval Office. If Biden wins, he’ll become the 46th President of the United States.

The US Presidential Election is one of the biggest betting events of the year, with Ladbrokes offering a host of markets including Election Winner, State Betting, Electoral Votes and many more. On this page, you’ll find infographics displaying each candidate’s chances and key odds.


This graphic explains how each candidate’s odds have changed throughout the election year. Here you can see Biden’s odds were much longer back in February, when the Democrat Primaries began and he had yet to become the party’s frontrunner.


The above graphic displays the latest indication of how each State will vote. Each State carries a number of Electoral College votes, based around each State’s population. This means the States with the highest populations carry the highest number of Electoral College votes, such as Florida, Texas, California and New York. There are 538 votes available in total, and Trump and Biden will need to win at least 270 votes in order to win the election.

Most States follow a traditional patten of voting either Republican or Democrat, but occasionally States change from party to party, and these are called Swing States, which can have a big impact on an election. You can find the latest odds on every State’s voting intention in our State Betting market on sportsbook.