Take a punt on Hackerspace Global Grid project lift off


THE HACKERSPACE Global Grid project is just 5/1 to launch a functioning satellite into space, according to Ladbrokes.

It’s a longer 33/1 with the bookies that they manage to set up a working global internet free of moderation within ten years and 100/1 that the organisation get a man on the moon.

They can also be backed at 1000/1 to discover life on another planet. In other internet betting news, the firm also make it odds-on (1/2) that an online powerhouse (Amazon, Facebook or Google) shut down for a day in protest at the proposed SOPA.

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: “Hackerspace sound like they mean business and the odds indicate they could easily get a satellite into orbit. If their technology discovers new life forms we’ll pay out enough to bankroll the entire project.”

Ladbrokes latest betting

Hackerspace Global Grid getting a functioning satellite that lasts a minimum of one year into space within next ten years: 5/1

Hackerspace Global Grid running a global, functioning and free internet from space within next ten years: 33/1

Hackerspace Global Grid getting a man on the moon in the next ten years: 100/1

Hackerspace Global Grid discovering life on another planet within the next ten years: 1,000/1

Amazon, Facebook or Google shutting down for a day in protest at SOPA (before end of 2012): 1/2


Craig Kemp

Craig has written for Ladbrokes since the 2010 World Cup, having previously gained a Media & Sports Journalism degree and contributed to publications including the Racing Post. His main areas of interest are horse racing and UFC, but he is also an avid X Factor gambler and likes nothing more than indulging in a spot of Hip Hop Karaoke.