Roses are red, Chelsea are blue, will they win by one, or by two?

78% OF BRITS would rather place a £5 bet on Thursday than buy a single rose for their loved one, according to a survey commissioned by Ladbrokes.

The bookies’ customers were surveyed ahead of the most romantic day of the year, and with the option of being given a free, brand new, crisp £5 note to spend on February 14th, a huge 78% opted to spend all of it on a bet rather than a single red rose for their beloved other half.

And with four British teams competing in the Europa League on Thursday night it’s not hard to see why a wager was more popular.

The survey was conducted by the market research team at Ladbrokes.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: “On the plus side, if the bet comes in then your other half can now stump up the cash for a dozen roses instead.”

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What would you rather spend a free £5 note on?

A bet – 78%
A single red rose – 22%