No, Bradford South is not UKIP’s most winnable seat in Yorkshire

The Telegraph and Argus report contains the following line:

“Pointing out a leading bookmaker had labelled Bradford South as UKIP’s “most winnable” in Yorkshire, Mr Smith added: “It’s a winnable seat – the bookies have very good inside information.” I’m not sure who this “leading bookmaker” is, but a quick look at Ladbrokes’ odds reveals that Bradford South is behind several other Yorkshire seats as UKIP’s most winnable.

Seat UKIP Odds
Rotherham 9/4
Rother Valley 5/1
Wentworth and Dearne 8/1
Penistone and Stocksbridge 8/1
Doncaster North 10/1
Barnsley East 12/1
Bradford South 14/1

Labour remain 1/50 favourites to win Bradford South. Not based on any magical “inside information” but just a realistic appraisal of the seat combined with the money staked by Ladbrokes’ customers



Matthew Shaddick

Matthew Shaddick has been Head of Poliical Betting at Ladbrokes since 2008. He's a writer and odds-maker with particular expertise in UK and US elections. Also known to dabble in music, literary and other out of the way betting markets. Sometimes issues tips on horse racing and football, which are best ignored.