Sunderland Red Stripers to win the EPL 2013/14, says USA Soccer Guy

The drought is nearly over.  Clouds full of EPL League Soccer rain hang over head ready to go get everyone real wet with a soccer monsoon.

As all the best soccer players lace up their cleats and clap each other high fives, fans everywhere wanna know what’s gonna go happen.

Not even some real clever guy can say what will happen for sure, but, using my expert soccer knowledge I’ve predictionized a few things that I think could happen this year.

The EPL Championship will be ablaze with real good soccer from every franchise this year. Major enhancements have happened to franchises all over EPL England, so it’s gonna be exciting to see how they play.

How will world superstar Jozy Altidore do at the Sunderland Red Stripers? Will Tottenham Whitespurs miss Clint Dempsey?

Go take a look at what I think this year might have in store for your franchise!