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Sam Bailey: Grimmy bottled it – Mason Noise should have been axed

| 09.11.2015

I sat in front of my TV absolutely stunned this week. Having been performing myself on Saturday night I watched Saturday’s and Sunday’s X Factor shows back-to-back and I was in complete and utter shock to see Seann Miley Moore booted out of the competition.

I understand that both Seann and Mason are Nick Grimshaw’s acts but I think Grimmy bottled it by going to deadlock and should instead have sent Mason packing.

When I watched the sing-off I didn’t feel any emotion come from Mason. There seemed to be no fight in him or any connection to the song or the audience. I don’t know if it’s his facial expressions or what but he doesn’t seem to know how to show emotion.

But if you look at Seann he poured his heart out. He tells you a story every time he performs and you really connect to the emotion when he sings. That is a great quality to have and I’m really gutted that he’s gone.

To be fair I actually think Mason put in a really good vocal performance but I don’t think he can sell a song as well as Seann.

Seann will be shocked to be out of the competition this early as he is a better singer than a lot of the people who are left. He is capable of pulling off some ridiculous long notes and he also looks fantastic.

The only reason he went is because Grimmy bottled it. That’s why deadlock is there but Seann’s performance was much better on both Saturday and in the sing-off.

Mason just has a solemn expression on his face when he sings and shows no emotion. The sing-off was the best he has sounded so far but out of those two it was clear for all to see that he should have gone. He is a very lucky boy and it looks like he’s going to be a cat with nine lives. He might even surprise people and make it to the last three at this rate.

With Seann gone for me it means no one is safe and we could even see the incredible Che and the amazing Louisa facing the axe.

I think this is just the beginning for Seann though. He will be fine and I’m sure he will get a record deal and he will definitely go down a storm when he performs at G.A.Y this weekend.

Anton’s performance was hard to watch – I thought he was a goner

He’s blamed Simon Cowell and said he hated the song choice but whoever was at fault I have to say I didn’t like Anton’s performance at the weekend. I spoke to him in the week and told him to change it up but he didn’t look comfortable doing what he was doing.

It looked like Simon wanted to laugh. He kept looking at Cheryl and the whole thing came across as a bit of a joke. I really felt for him. When we spoke I told him to move away from the Luther Vandross cliché but there are ways to do that and remain current without resorting to what we saw on Saturday. It was quite uncomfortable to watch really.

They are going to have to rethink their angle with him as that was not his lane. I told him to stand his ground and if he didn’t want to do it he should have spoken up.

That’s not a case of spitting your dummy out. If you have alternative ideas to bring then stand up for yourself. He needs to think current in terms of his song choices though and opt for songs that are out in the charts at the minute that suit his style.

Anton got it completely wrong this week and I found the whole performance comical and that’s not a good thing. I thought he was a goner on the back of that performance and he can think himself lucky to have survived.

Contestants need to realise X Factor is a TV Show first and foremost

This is the second time Simon has been blamed for a poor song choice and it is difficult when you’re on the show. The acts are desperate to get on so they have to put their faith in the mentors that they know best and have their best interests at heart. However, they have to remember that The X Factor is a TV show first and a talent competition second.

If everyone went on and smashed it every week there would be no light and shade or drama. They need people to drop off and bounce back to have some drama and keep people gripped.

That will go down as one of Anton’s low points but he will have a ‘wow’ week eventually if he stays in as he has a great voice when he uses it properly.

Monica Michael struggled but if Annabel Williams says she’ll come good, she will

I wasn’t feeling Monica’s performance this week. I didn’t like the song choice or the styling and I thought there was too much boob on display and it took the focus away from the performance.

Like me she’s a woman who doesn’t like wearing dresses but they forever had me with my baps out and I hated it.

I think the outfit might have added to the nerves and that would have affected her performance. When I sang in the final I insisted on some red mesh being added to my dress  and that wasn’t me being a diva but just making sure I was as comfortable as possible on stage so I could deliver.

Hopefully now that Monica has tried it they can let her get back to what she’s comfortable in. She did come across as very sexy, with all the right moves, but I think it was a bit too much.

She tried to make that song her own but it didn’t really work, she has a good voice but only for certain types of song.

The X Factor head vocal coach Annabel Williams said before the show that this could be Monica’s stand-out week and while it didn’t turn out that way she won’t be wrong in the long-term. If Annabel says she’s seen something in someone it will definitely be there.

She’s a great judge of character and voice so she has obviously seen something in rehearsals but we’re yet to see it on stage. If Monica stays in the competition we will see something special from her eventually.

Take Caroline and Olly rumours with a pinch of salt

The internet went into overdrive with the apparent kiss between Caroline and Olly at the weekend but I wouldn’t read too much into it. Caroline is a cool girl and bit of a joker and I don’t think there’s anything there. They’ve known each other a while, are really good friends and can have a laugh with each other. Also if they can keep people guessing it will add to the intrigue and maybe boost the ratings. I don’t think anything will happen there.

Che was stunning this week but Lauren could be a dark horse

I absolutely loved Che this week and for the first time I thought ‘he’s got a bit of Sam Smith about him’. His voice is absolutely incredible and he’s ready to go out into the market as he is.

I just hope people don’t try to change him and say ‘you need to lose weight or lose the glasses’ and all that. He is fine as he is. It’s all about the voice and he has a wonderful voice.

I also really liked Lauren’s performance and I think she could be a dark horse to win the competition. So far she’s been kind of hidden away and you can forget about her a bit.

However, she’s getting stronger every week and she’s so nice. You can see she is genuinely pleased for the others when they get through and that is a great trait to have.

She’s a bit like a Big Brother contestant who never gets put up for nomination but isn’t really thought of a competitor. She’s been safe if not spectacular so far but I think she could come good in the latter stages of the show.

She will have one person in particular to overcome though and that is Louisa who was incredible again. Mark my words, this girl is going to be the UK’s answer to Taylor Swift whether she wins or not because she has got the lot. I can see Simon thinking ‘cha-ching’ every time she walks on stage.

She’s 17-years-old, absolutely stunning and while the start of her version of Billie Jean wasn’t all that once she got going some of the riffs she pulled off were incredible. I would be extremely pleased if she went on to win the show.

It wasn’t such a great week though for 4th Impact. We have a question mark over them for the first time as it wasn’t a great performance from them.

There are some stronger singers in the group but at the weekend the weaker singers were coming through and some of the vocals were a bit dodgy.

They can’t all be Beyonce. If you look at groups like Destiny’s Child there is a clear leader. No pun intended but that performance didn’t have a huge impact and they should think about letting the stronger singers take more of a lead in the future.

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