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Sam Bailey: Mason Noise needs to apologise properly – He took wimp’s way out

| 26.10.2015

The X Factor is back and we now know who has made it to the final 12 and who will be singing for their lives each week.

I’m already glued to the action and can’t wait to see how the drama unfolds. I’ve already got my favourite but there’s a long way to go and I’ll be watching every minute of this year’s show and giving you all my honest opinion each week here at Ladbrokes.

I’ll give you a rundown of who I think can challenge this year and who will be first out the door soon but first I want to say a little something about Mason Noise.

From the second he dropped the microphone and walked off the stage you just knew he would be back, you could almost read it like a book.

The show’s producers obviously want some controversy as it wouldn’t be the spectacle it is without some but I think it will be very hard for him to win the viewers over now as they gave him a second chance but he blew his opportunity to apologise properly.

Just saying “sorry Cheryl, I love you” wasn’t good enough. It was the wimp’s way out. I’m a parent and so are a lot of the viewers and they won’t like the fact his bad behaviour has been rewarded.

The producers are probably hoping he can be this year’s Frankie Cocozza. If he gets the hump like that in the auditions it will be interesting to see how he reacts to criticism from the judges in the live shows.

He wasn’t the best singer in his category and he probably doesn’t deserve his place but he’s here now and good luck to him. I hope he does well but I think he has his work cut out.

One thing’s for certain – he should be made to pay for a new microphone for a start.

Singers had a little help a Judges’ Houses but it makes it more interesting

I was a bit surprised by the Judges’ Houses this year because when I did it it was just an outside vocal and it seems like they have put a load of reverb on everyone’s vocal this time around, which makes them all sound incredible.

They also had three backing singers and we just had a guitar or a piano. The sound quality wasn’t that great when I was on the show and you could really tell who the better singers were.

If you are musician you’ll know it wouldn’t naturally sound like it did at the weekend. We just had what came out of our gobs and they had a lot of effects to rely on.

You could put my mum in a studio and she’d sound like a cat dying slowly in the corner but if you chucked a bit of reverb on her vocal she’d sound amazing.

It made it harder to determine who is better than who but they all sounded amazing and it has made it more interesting. It is a bit of a cheat in a sense but it has made the competition tighter. It’s been a joy to watch the Judges Houses this year.

Judges have missed a trick by sending Ebru Ellis home

I’m really upset that Ebru Ellis didn’t make it to the live shows. I thought she was incredible and would have gone far in the show.

I also think that Josh Daniel should have gone through instead of Mason Noise.

There are bigger questions to be answered by Simon and Cheryl though. I have no idea why Reggie’N’Bollie were put through. They could be Ghana’s answer to Jedward but I don’t think they are worthy of a place in the final 12. People might think they’ll be good to watch but are they going to be the next big recording stars? Not in my book.

New Kings Order were incredible at Judges Houses, even with one of them losing his voice, and they should have gone through in their place. I was tweeting like crazy when they put them through!

And Bupsi? Don’t get me started – I cringed all the way through her audition.

Olly and Caroline are great and will prove that as the show goes on

Olly Murs and Caroline Flack have been given a hard time so far but I love them both and think they’ll be great as the show goes on. They might talk over each other at times but I think it’s quite funny and endearing.

Some people just don’t like change and a lot of people will wish Dermot was back as he was very good. But I think Olly and Caroline are a great team and bounce off each other really well. People have to realise that this is all new to them.

They’ll soon get the hang of it. Personally I think they are what the show needs. If Dermot’s gone and not coming back I can’t think of a better fit to replace him than those two. Olly’s been there before too so he’ll know what all the contestants are going through.

Final 12 will be buzzing but the hard work starts now

The contestants that have made it will be absolutely buzzing now and rightly so. Even if this is as far as they go they have been given an incredible boost in their careers.

They need to be prepared for what is to come though as it’s all hard work from this point. They will all be having makeovers, doing photo shoots and getting ready to move into the X Factor house.

It’s not just about learning a song and preparing for your performance. They will have to meet with A&R people to discuss their song choices, there will be filming requirements, rehearsals, interviews, radio and TV appearances – it is nonstop from Monday to Friday!

I hope they realise how hard it will be and how important it is to get some sleep! They need to try not to party too much, which is easier said than done.

My thoughts on the final 12

The Girls

Louisa Johnson

She has a great voice, and she looks fantastic. She needs to up her game a bit though as it will be tough and there are people who are similar vocally.

Is her age a concern? No, I was on the show with a lot of 16-year-olds and there will be plenty of mother and father figures in the house. She’ll also be told where to be and when. The younger ones are easy – it’s the Overs who will be trouble.

Lauren Murray

She is brilliant. Lauren blew me away with her arena audition and she’s a real contender in my eyes. She needs to realise that it’s hard work and not a party though. This could change her life forever. She’s an incredible singer and a very pretty girl so she could go a long way but she will need to focus.

Kiera Weathers

I’m not overly keen on Kiera’s voice and I can’t put my finger on why. She is different but she doesn’t have the power that the other girls have. She could struggle with the ballads so she will need to take advantage of the advice she’ll be given by the vocal coaches so she can learn how to make her voice seem more powerful.

The Boys

Che Chesterman

He is my absolute favourite. I love him and could listen to him all day. His voice is like melted chocolate. He’s just incredible and is my tip to win.

Sean Miley Moore

I love him too. His Judges Houses audition was unbelievable. He’s different from everyone else too and there’s no one like him out there at the moment. He really brings the passion and you can tell he means every word when he sings.

Mason Noise

He does have a good voice but its all been over shadowed by what he’s done, which is a shame.

The Groups

4th Impact

I love them. They are ready to go. You could put them out now as they are.

I prefer them to be dancing around as opposed to just sitting and singing like they did at Judges Houses. They catch the attention with their energetic performances and they need to remember to bring the fun factor every week

Alien Uncovered

I love them, I love their outfits and I love their performances. You can tell they all really want it too and that’s what you need in this competition.

Reggie ‘N’ Bollie

They do diddly-squat for me. People will think they are fun and they might go far but I can’t take them seriously.

The Overs

Anton Stephens

I’m not sure about Anton. His Judges Houses song wasn’t as good as his first. He is a very, very good singer and will bring some fun but he makes some weird noises when he sings.

Max Stone

He’s not standing out for me at the moment but he does have a fantastic voice. He needs to come out of his shell and maybe lose the guitar. Luke Friend owned the stage when they took the guitar from him so it would be nice to see that what else he can do.


I was shouting at the TV when they put her through! I don’t like her at all. I think Louis Tomlinson looked so uncomfortable when she was singing. He looked like he wanted to laugh. I felt awkward for him watching from home. A very strange audition and a bad choice to put her through.

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Sam Bailey

2013 X Factor winner Sam Bailey captured the nation’s hearts with her incredible voice before going on to achieve chart-topping success with her single ‘Skyscraper’ and album ‘The Power of Love’. Read her exclusive thoughts on the show at Ladbrokes News.