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Labour’s Pink Bus to a Lib Dem ‘Budget’: 5 of the best Election gaffes

| 23.04.2015

Next month’s election is shaping up to be a close one and as we enter a period akin to what Sir Alex Ferguson’s once described as “squeaky bum time” we’ve decided to lighten the mood a little before we head to the ballots.

Politics is a serious business but we’ve seen parties and politicians alike provide plenty in the way of laughs over the past couple of weeks – though they have rarely been intentional.

David Cameron was the latest to get in on the act, falling foul during an interview on BBC Radio One’s Newsbeat in which he was called out on a potential alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party and their policies on gay rights.

The Prime Minister soon found himself getting hot under the collar – and it was hilarious.

But he’s not the first and certainly not the last individual to get himself embroiled in a General

Election gaffe in 2015 – here are five of the best.

Gloria De Piero – The Barbie Bus

The Labour Party has always been keen to promote the idea that they have taken great strides in terms of women’s representation in parliament.

However, they appeared to be going in reverse early in their campaign after unveiling a special pink bus designed to encourage females to vote. They then not only denied it was pink but managed to park in a zebra crossing during one event.

Danny Alexander – The fake budget

The Liberal Democrats were the source of much ire in parliament last month after launching their own ‘budget’ of sorts using a special yellow briefcase that was every bit as awful as it sounds.

Not only does Danny Alexander look embarrassed in the clip provided but he appears to have had little in the way of support from his own party with leader Nick Clegg nowhere to be seen and plenty of angry hecklers present and correct.

Natalie Bennett – Ferrari Car Crash

Anyone watching the recent television debates involving all of the major party leaders will have noted the Green Party chief is perhaps not the best orator of the bunch, having taken over from Caroline Lucas.

But her darkest hour came during an interview with a confrontational Nick Ferrari on LBC radio. Pushed to provide details on the Green Party’s housing policy, the Australian was taken to pieces, later citing “brain fade” for the disastrous interview.

David Cameron – The Pickpocket Gag

Keen to enhance his image among the public, our very own DC decided to head down to This Morning for a chat with Phil Schofield and professional talent vacuum Amanda Holden.

All seemed to be going well for the Conservative leader too until Schofield began detailing their next guest on the show. Describing him as someone capable of “pinching your wallet” to the viewers at home, Cameron could be heard to pipe up with the quip “Who’s that, Alex Salmond?” Oh dear.

Nigel Farage – Where do we start?

A man responsible for too many gaffes to mention, Farage is at least consistent, with the UKIP leader finding new and exciting ways to blame immigration for things.

There was the time he claimed Londoners would need to be worried if a Romanian lived next door, or when he complained about there being too many foreign people on the train. And that’s before we get on to the time he blamed motorway traffic on immigration.

With so many to mention, thank goodness someone has put together a handy clip of them all rolled into one!

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