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Can Galloway hang on in Bradford West?

| 25.02.2015


George Galloway is closing in on favouritism in Bradford West. Available at 3/1 last year, he’s now only 5/4 and I could easily see him taking over at the head of the market before long.

Until relatively recently, it wasn’t clear that Galloway would actually be standing again. The word was that Respect was a busted flush as a party in Bradford, and he might be more interested in preparing a run at London Mayor. Now it looks as if the local Labour party is in a mess, with news that the PPC has stepped aside less than a week after winning the nomination.

The 2012 by-election was a sensational upset, and a very costly result for Ladbrokes, as Galloway had been backed in from 33/1. He didn’t just win, he absolutely hosed up. It’s easy to see why people might now be thinking he is a good bet to hold the seat in May.


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Matthew Shaddick

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