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Farage v Brand: ‘Romanians’ a corker in #BBCQT buzzword bingo

| 10.12.2014

BBC Question Time always sends the Twitterati into thumb-pounding action, and this week social media will be awash with reaction to one of the most lively-looking panels ever assembled.

Joining David Dimbleby on the show airing on Thursday 11th December will be UKIP leader Nigel Farage and comedian-turned-campaigner Russell Brand.

Controversial politician Farage will be looking to win over the voting public with a general election in the offing whilst simultaneously attempting to defend his latest inflammatory comments on LBC radio.

Up against him, anti-establishment cult hero Brand, who is certain to be pedalling the socialist themes in his recently released book ‘Revolution’.

It’s a mouth-watering collision course of ideologies and bold personalities which Ladbrokes’ customers can profit on thanks to the firm’s famous Buzzword Bingo. (Full list of words at bottom of page).

brand-farage-buzzword-bingo (1)

In light of Farage’s latest boob over where women should be able to breastfeed their children in public, ‘breastfeeding’ getting a mention by any of the panel looks like money for old rope at 1/4.

And given UKIP’s divisive policies and attitudes towards immigration, the MEP looks almost as certain to be branded a ‘racist’ in front of the Canterbury audience, available at 1/2.

Brand has referred to Farage as “that racist bloke” after all.

brand-farage-buzzword-bingo-meme (New)

Meanwhile among the others near the top of the betting at evens, ‘hypocrite’ which is a favourite insult of Brand’s detractors looks superb value, but topping the lot could well be ‘Romanians’.

Because of UKIP’s wish to leave the EU and the labour movements being restricted on Romanians coming to Britain in January this year, Farage has previously slurred its citizens.

“Any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to be concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door,” Farage said back in May.

More light-hearted Farage-isms just waiting to come out when attacked by the bombastic comic, could well be ‘complete madness’ (5/1), ‘utter lunacy’ (6/1) and ‘cloud cuckoo land’ at 8s.

On that note, Brand’s apparent intolerance of the banking system, which forms a huge thread of his new book, makes the 25/1 outsider ‘capitalist paradigm’ a belter too.

Even if politics isn’t your thing, you wouldn’t want to miss this.

Ladbrokes Question Time Buzzword Bingo

Which words or phrases will be used by any of the panellists?

1/4 Breastfeeding
1/2 Racist
Evens Hypocrite
Evens Romanians
Evens Twitter
6/4 Long Term Economic Plan
7/4 Traffic
2/1 Metropolitan Elite
2/1 I Love Russell
5/2 Common Sense
4/1 Britain is Full
4/1 Hard Working Families
4/1 Burka
5/1 Complete Madness
5/1 You’re Having A Laugh
5/1 Heroin Addict
6/1 Utter Lunacy
6/1 I Love Nigel
8/1 Cloud Cuckoo Land
10/1 Fantasy Island
10/1 Socialist Paradise
12/1 Magic Money Tree
16/1 My New Book
16/1 Trumpton
25/1 Capitalist Paradigm

All Odds and Markets are correct as of the date of publishing.

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