Horse racing betting explained at Ladbrokes news

Online betting has made horse racing betting so much easier that days of wondering what to write on the shop’s betting slip are long gone.

These days a click of the mouse is sufficient enough to place your horse racing bet and this article will help you understand everything you need to know as we explain the ins and outs of horse racing betting.


Your stake is the amount you are willing to bet on the event and at the minimum stake is £0.10 making horse racing betting accessible to everyone.


The odds express the probability of a horse winning a race so for instance if a horse is 1/1 to win, and another horse in the race is 5/1 to win, the horse with odds of 1/1 is five times more likely to win.

Your winnings are calculated by your horses odds so if your horse wins at 3/1 and your stake is £10 you will receive your £10 stake back, plus your stake multiplied by the odds – in this case 3/1 = £10 x 3 = £30

Each way betting

Each way betting is effectively split into two bets – the win and the place. Each bet is an equal stake so for example a £1 each way bet will have £1 on the win and £1 on the place equalling a total stake of £2.

The place bet is betting on your horse to finish in either first or in one of the pre-determined places – usually the top three or the top four.

The odds for the place bet are given as a fraction of the odds for the win bet and will be displayed when you place your bet.

If your selection wins then both the win bet and the place bet will pay out, but if your horse was just to place then only your place bet would pay out.

Betting with Ladbrokes

This is a simple guide to betting and there are other types of bets that Ladbrokes offer, but for punters looking to explore the world of online betting, this is a good place to start.

Ladbrokes offer a number of betting opportunities across many different markets allowing punters to bet on everything from horse racing to football to tennis.

New customers can sign up here for a free bet worth up to £30.