Tweet your bet and we’ll help you #GetAPrice

There are hundreds of football markets already available for you to choose from at Ladbrokes Sports. And now with #GetAPrice there’s a whole lot more.

#GetAPrice gives you the power to pick and combine your own Match and Player Stats markets. Or, if you’d rather, pick from a whole host of #GetAPrice specials already available.

Tweet your pick to us @Ladbrokes with the #GetAPrice hashtag. Our traders will price it up for you. And we’ll reply with the odds and a link to place your bet.

#GetAPrice on all Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Champions League matches every week.

You can bet on assists, passes, shots, tackles, touches, corners or any other stat. You can even choose a combination of them together.

The power’s in your hands. Why not #GetAPrice today?

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Other standard betting rules apply

*Terms and Conditions:

Prices are subject to fluctuation. #GetAPrice bets cannot be combined with any other bets.

1. WHAT HAPPENS IF ONE OF MY PLAYERS DOES NOT PARTICIPATE? In the event that one or more of the players in any bet does not participate, the bet will be voided and your stake will be returned.

2. WHAT HAPPENS IF ONE OF MY FOOTBALL PLAYERS DOES NOT START? In the event that one or more of the players in any single, combined or head to head bet does not start, the bet will be voided.

3. WHAT HAPPENS IF THE GAME IS CANCELLED OR IS POSTPONED AND DOES NOT RESUME THE SAME DAY? The bet will be voided and your stake will be returned.

4. IS EXTRA TIME INCLUDED? Yes. (except penalty shootouts for football tournament games)

5. FOR OVER/UNDER BETS, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PLAYER’S FINAL SCORE EQUALS THEIR SET LINE? The bet is marked as a “push” and wager will be refunded to the customer.

6. WHERE DOES THE DATA COME FROM? All of our Football statistics come from Opta.

7. WHAT DECIDES SETTLEMENT RULES? Opta will be used as the primary source of data for settlement of #GetAPrice markets.

8. WHEN WILL BETS BE RESULTED? Within 30 minutes from the conclusion of each match.

9. WHAT HAPPENS IF A BET LEG WITHIN A #GetAPrice ACCUMULATOR IS VOIDED? If any bet leg within an Accumulator is voided then entire bet is voided irrespective of the results of the other legs in that accumulator bet.

10. You must be aged 18 years or over to bet and participate in #GetAPrice.

11. The Promoter reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify #GetAPrice at any time (and for any reason) without prior notice.

12. Ladbrokes reserves the right to restrict bonuses to individual customers at its discretion.

  1. Other standard betting rules apply – General Sports Betting Rules

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