We can’t wait to see…Man United buy their way out of a crisis


In a short while from now, Sky Sports News, sorry, Sky Sports HQ will have the footballing nation eating out the palms of their hands for 24 hours, as the transfer window reaches it’s deadline day.

Some clubs will sell, others will buy, some may borrow and a select few will bury their heads in the sand Aston Villa-style until the whole thing’s blown over.

Either way, we’re excited for the occasion. Here’s three things we can’t wait to see:

A Manchester United spend up

Who’d have thought Louis van Gaal and David Moyes would ever have anything more than the fact their both football managers in common?

The Dutchman’s horror start to life as the Scot’s successor has some reporting that as many as 11 players will come and go through the Old Trafford doors on deadline day.

Whether a whole team are bought and sold at the former champions remains to be seen and while the furore of deadline day may have exaggeratingly inflated that number there is a definite need for recruits.

After almost £60m was spent on Angel Di Maria, we reckon another chunk of change could be used to fix the Red Devils’ leaky defence, brittle midfield and misfiring attack…

Harry Redknapp’s successor

Seeing the QPR boss hanging out a car window talking to reporters about his transfer dealing has become a parody of itself on deadline day.

It’s time to freshen things up a bit. A new gimmick is required. Live phone calls to Paul Lambert, only to constantly reach his voicemail would be splendid. Holding X Factor-style auditions for the striker West Ham will inevitably buy also appeals. But don’t give ‘Arry anymore airtime, please.

Jim White phoning in sick

Transfer deadline day hype is the baby of Sky’s rolling sports news channel and anchor Jim White is its midwife.

But, just for one year, we’d love it if the man that’s become synonymous with all things football transfer pulls a sickie on the big day.

Seeing Ed Chamberlain back in the studio where his Sky career began as cover or watching Claire Tomlinson dash through Sky HQ doors from the doldrums she’s been left in would be better than any big-money move.

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Matt Wiggins

No idyllic sound comes close to leather on willow for Matt, whose previous experience includes stints with Spin Magazine and Surrey County Cricket Club. It's not just cricket that interests him though, with football, golf, tennis and any American sport not played on ice all high on his list of favourites.