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Dancing On Ice

21 January 2012

Mark Rhodes looks a massive price for Dancing On Ice elimination

Mark will now theoretically share his public vote with sidekick Sam Nixon

Mark Rhodes looks a massive price for Dancing On Ice elimination

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Mark Rhodes seemingly has it all to do if he wants to make it beyond the actual week one of Dancing On Ice.

The children’s TV presenter did well to make it through his qualification pool as his score of eight points from the three judges was one of the worst ever recorded on Dancing On Ice.

However, he still managed to evade the bottom two for his week and it was Andy Akinwolere who was harshly eliminated instead.

The one big problem that Mark has is that he is currently the worst ice dancer in the competition, unless he has made some miraculous improvements in the past fortnight.

This means that if he ever finds himself in a skate-off for survival, he is almost guaranteed to go home.

His chances of now being in the bottom two are also increased by the fact that he will be competing alongside sidekick Sam Nixon for the first time, who previously qualified for round one through the other of the two pools.

Therefore, fans of the double act may now be reluctant to vote twice and this could leave worse-skater Mark in jeopardy.

Bobby Davro and Todd Carty are also previous examples of contestants who have failed to use comedy to their advantage on the show.

If Mark does have enough likeability to survive another week, favourite for Dancing On Ice elimination Corey Feldman looks in trouble at 13/8.

Feldman has seemingly done little right so far in terms of his hours of practice and building up a relationship with his dance partner.

There is a strong possibility that he has failed to strike the right cord with voters and every chance that he will find himself in the bottom two, which leaves the decision with judges Louis Spence, Robin Cousins and Katarina Witt as to whether he stays or goes.

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