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12 August 2010

Ladbrokes launch guaranteed payout on football accumulators

Ladbrokes to payout on football accumulator bets - even with one selection wrong

Ladbrokes launch guaranteed payout on football accumulators

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Ladbrokes today announced the launch of its new “Safety Net Bet”. The new bet guarantees a payout for football accumulators, even with one selection wrong.

Traditionally, the nation’s half a million regular football accumulator customers face a last minute equaliser or a “Robert Green” moment ruining their weekend. Now they can relax, because if it’s only one result that goes against them – they will still get a payout!

Ladbrokes Senior Marketing Manager, David McMorrow, commented “We’ve created this bet to meet our shop customer’s needs.

“Every football fan talks down the pub about that one team that let them down for a big win – now at least they will have some winnings to buy their friends a drink while they do so.”

The bet was successfully trialled in the firm’s Glasgow shops in April and proved a big hit. Customers were three times more likely to pick up a return compared to standard accumulators.

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