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11 July 2012

Gosling favourite to star in box office version of 50 Shades of Grey

While it is Mila Kunis that leads the market to play Anastasia Steele

Gosling favourite to star in box office version of 50 Shades of Grey

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RYAN GOSLING is the housewives’ favourite to take the lead role in 50 Shades of Grey, according to Ladbrokes.

As women of all ages across the UK read the trilogy, it’s the Drive actor Gosling who is the 2/1 favourite to play Christian Grey in the movie adaptation, with Ian Somerhalder next in the market at 5/2. Michael Fassbender enters the market as a 3/1 shot after one female punter placed a three-figure sum on the actor to play the billionaire.

And whoever claims the starring role, it’s 8/1 that they win an Oscar for Best Actor and there’s a 5/1 chance the cast and crew pick up the prestigious gong of Best Film. The firm also chalk the film up at 2/1 to top the box office takings in its first week.

Mila Kunis has been subject to an unprecedented amount of bets in the last few days, making her the new 3/1 favourite to bite her lip and play Anastasia Steele. Scarlett Johansson (4/1), Elizabeth Olsen (9/2) and Alexis Biedel (5/1) are also fancied to play the college graduate.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: “The nation has gone 50 shades of crazy for the book so it’s impossible to see how the film won’t be a success either. The odds suggest 50 Shades will cane its competition in the box office.”

Ladbrokes latest betting

50 Shades of Grey movie specials
5/1 Win Oscar for Best Film
8/1 Win Oscar for Best Actor (Christian Grey)
2/1 Win Box Office Takings first week
2/1 Win Record Takings of all time before 2014

To play Christian Grey
Ryan Gosling 2/1
Ian Somerhalder 5/2
Michael Fassbender 3/1
Alexander Skarsgard 4/1
Mark Wahlberg 6/1
Bradley Cooper 8/1
Alex Pettyfer 10/1
Chris Pine 12/1
Liam Hemsworth 12/1
Brad Pitt 20/1
Robert Pattinson 25/1
Matthew McConaughey 33/1
Hugh Jack 50/1
Ricky Gervais 100/1
Jonny Vegas 500/1

To play Anastasia Steele
Mila Kunis 3/1
Scarlett Johansson 4/1
Elizabeth Olsen 9/2
Alexis Biedel 5/1
Kristen Stewart 6/1
Amanda Seyfried 7/1
Emma Watson 8/1
Emma Stone 10/1
Anne Hathaway 14/1
Emily Blunt 16/1
Rachel McAdams 25/1
Katie Price 500/1

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