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Press Office

19 July 2011

Cameron now just 8/1 to leave

The hacking affair could signal the end of David Cameron's reign as Prime Minister

Cameron now just 8/1 to leave

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David Cameron’s odds of leaving Cabinet have been slashed by Ladbrokes.

The bookies have taken a steady stream of bets on the PM leaving office with the odds dropping from 100/1 to 20/1 and now 8/1 in a matter of hours.

Only Chris Huhne (2/1) and Andrew Lansley (6/1) are deemed more likely now to quit next leaving the PM joint third favourite with Kenneth Clarke (also 8/1).

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: “This bears all the hallmarks of a massive public gamble. People up and down the land are queueing out of the door of our shops to back the PM to walk.”

Ladbrokes latest betting

Next Cabinet Member to leave

Dead Heat Rules apply if more than one leave on same day

Chris Huhne – 2/1

Andrew Lansley – 6/1

Kenneth Clarke – 8/1

David Cameron – 8/1

Vince Cable – 10/1

Cheryl Gillan – 10/1

14/1 bar

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