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Horse Racing

28 June 2011

The Safety Net – Vassaria to provide much-needed victory

Vassaria is 2/5 to break his maiden tag in the six-runner 14:15 at Hamilton

The Safety Net – Vassaria to provide much-needed victory

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The Safety Net bet is in disarray after Serena Williams’ defeat to Marion Bartoli at Wimbledon yesterday and we desperately need a run of winners to build our profits back up.

Williams’ straight sets defeat to Bartoli in the fourth round at Wimbledon saw our balance fall to a low £100.50, although this is still more than the initial £50 that we started with.

It also marked our second loser in three days and it now seems a long time since we had in excess of £200 at our betting disposal.

However, there is no point getting too down and the challenge is now greater than ever to begin a new winning streak and we are back to horse racing in an attempt to make a £20 profit.

There are a few horses trading at odds-on today that probably should win, but the one that makes the greatest appeal is Vassaria in the 14:15 at Hamilton.

Vassaria is the clear form pick after finishing third in a better maiden that was recently run at Doncaster and any repeat of this performance should easily be enough to land the spoils.

Only three of the six runners looking to break their maiden tag have run before and Angel Of Hope was third in a poor race last time and Spoken Words has shown little in her two starts to suggest she can win.

The three newcomers also inspire little confidence, although George Fenton is a relation to other horses that tasted success as juveniles.

With Vassaria available at 2/5, we will be staking £50 in order to fill our criteria of attempting to win £20 each day.

Current Status:
Bank: £100.50
Today’s stake: £50
Best case scenario: £120.50
Worst case scenario: £50.50

Last Safety Net bet: Serena Williams to beat Marion Bartoli lost @ 2/9

Wealth warning: although we are confident the safety net bet’s strategy will be profitable over a period of time, the nature of sport means we cannot guarantee you will win every single time.

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