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World Cup

1 June 2010

Our World Cup Keepy Uppy game makes its debut – enjoy!

Clicker happy fans will find Ladbrokes' new Flash game easy to play but difficult to master

Our World Cup Keepy Uppy game makes its debut – enjoy!

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A new game which lets participants take on the role of skill masters like Wayne Rooney and Joe Cole, both named in Fabio Capello’s squad today, looks set to keep punters addicted.

Ladbrokes’ Flash game Keepy Uppy, launched over the weekend, should provide the perfect tonic for periods between matches at this summer’s World Cup.

The aim is simple: keep the ball in the air for as long as possible by clicking it each time it falls. Every successful click sees the ball shoot up and you earn a point.

You can earn extra points by hitting African-style animals as they appear on the backdrop.

The current leader ‘Reevio’ has an impressive total of 852. Can you better it?

If you think you can then click here to play the game.

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