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Premier League

22 November 2010

Hodgson rivals Ferguson for most hated man in Liverpool tag

A staggering 95% of 5000 Liverpool fans polled want Hodgson to leave immediately

Hodgson rivals Ferguson for most hated man in Liverpool tag

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Not only does he have to deal with the animosity shown by every Evertonian Roy Hodgson comes into contact with, the Liverpool manager faces the wrath of the red side of the city too.

Before the 3-0 victory over West Ham last Saturday, Liverpool fans had been voting throughout the week on various Liverpool websites and 95% of them were in agreement that Roy Hodgson was not the man to lead Liverpool forward.

And Hodgson is currently a huge price at 9/1 to be the next Premier League manager to leave following the comments from the Anfield faithful.

The 3-0 win has seen Hodgson’s position strengthened somewhat, but it’s a testament to the fans’ lack of faith in their manager that the general consensus following the game was ‘Why didn’t we score more?’

Hodgson and his side travel to Tottenham on Sunday for their next Premier League encounter before hosting Aston Villa at Anfield in a Monday night fixture on December 6th.

With calls mounting for Hodgson to resign, it would take six points from those two games to start winning back some faith from the Liverpool fans.

Should Hodgson fail to take six points from those two games, the calls will get louder still and the Liverpool board will have no choice but to assess Hodgson’s position.

Speculation surrounding Carlo Ancelotti’s position at Chelsea may stop Hodgson becoming the next Premier League manager to leave, and Ancelotti has been cut from 20/1 to 4/1 to be the next manager to leave.

Ancelotti held talks with the League Manager’s Association on Sunday night after losing control at Chelsea.

The Italian was unhappy over the way Ray Wilkins was treated recently and the Chelsea manager believes he lacks total control over the team.

Should Ancelotti’s future be resolved, Hodgson faces a fight with Avram Grantin the race to be the next Premier League manager to leave. See the full Manager specials football betting odds here.

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